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Killa Gorilla News Update

News Update

Tuesday, 19 November, 2019

Performance Update

Since we opened our account in February 2019 and starting with $25,000, we've just hit $83,000.49 tonight. That's a gain of 232% !

Killa Gorilla FX Master is continuing to astound us with consistent growth.

We're using the EA's default settings, except we are trading with 5 baskets both ways instead of the default 1 basket both ways.

Hyperactive Accounts

Some of you may have received a warning from IC Markets regarding your demo or real trading accounts over the past months, saying that you have a 'hyperactive account'.  This is usually caused by your MT4 platform sending too many messages/signals to the IC Markets' MT4 trading servers.  If you are running Killa Gorilla FX Master on your account with default settings, you will very rarely get this warning, if at all.

Tips to avoid receiving a Hyperactive Account warning:

  1. Only have one EURUSD chart with FX Master running on your MT4 account at any one time.

  2. Don't change the default settings unless you are confident with the settings and understand what they do.  Changing the settings can open/close/modify trades more frequently, therefore sending more messages to the server.

  3. Do not run other robots on the same MT4 account, for 2 reasons:

- it will generate more messages to the server per day

- more importantly, it will be much harder to determine which robot is performing well or


Backtesting / Strategy Testing

Killa Gorilla FX Master will NOT work with the Strategy Tester (Backtester).  It was never designed to and never will be designed to be backtested.  Experienced traders will tell you that the Strategy Tester in MT4 is very unreliable and rarely provides similar results to a real trading environment.  There are so many factors that can contribute to generating unreliable and misleading performance data.

The best way to test Killa Gorilla FX Master is to "forward test", or quite simply, run the robot in real time on a demo account.  Sure, this takes time and you can't speed up the process, but this will give you the most accurate performance of the robot without actually risking real money.  And best of all, you can open a free demo account with IC Markets and test FX Master for as long as you want.  Open the link below to open a demo account...

Have you activated your account yet?

If you have downloaded the robot to your PC, but have not yet registered your account number, then we can't activate the robot for you.Click on the link below and scroll down to Step 6 to register your account....

As always......

Killa Gorilla FX Master is totally FREE to use on Demo and Real Accounts, but for real accounts, you must open a real money trading account with IC Markets - this is how we are able to offer it to you totally free of charge forever!

Remember - we will NEVER ask for your Paypal, credit card, or any other payment details.  We never charge you a cent.... ever!

Where can you get an MT4 Expert Advisor with this performance anywhere on the net for free??

If you haven't already downloaded Killa Gorilla FX Master, what are you waiting for?....

Get Started Today!

James Cross

Killa Gorilla FX Team

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