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Getting Started

STEP 1:  OPEN an MT4 Trading Account

You must open a real or demo MT4 trading account with one of our Recommended Brokers.

Killa Gorilla will only activate with accounts that are opened using our links.

NOTE:  We get paid a small commission from these brokers when you trade.  They do not charge you any more for this, so there is no extra cost to you.  This is how we are able to offer Killa Gorilla FX Master to you for free.

If you have an existing trading account with any of these brokers, we can help you link with us.

Our first and still preferred, long-time broker is IC Markets:
Once you have opened an account, come back here to continue...
STEP 2:  DOWNLOAD and Install MT4

Download the MT4 software from any of the brokers that you have opened an account with.

All of our Recommended Brokers provide MT4 free of charge.  Follow their instructions on how to download and install MT4.

STEP 3:  DOWNLOAD Killa Gorilla FX Master

Click the Download Now button below to start downloading the installation package (.zip) file, and save it to your computer.  The package also contains the User Manual (PDF) which contains detailed instructions on how to download, install and setup Killa Gorilla FX Master EA so you can get started quickly!


Having trouble Downloading?

You may need to temporarily disable any anti-virus software you have running (this includes Windows Defender in Windows 10) then try downloading again.  There are definitely NO VIRUSES contained in the download package - some PCs don't like .DLL files, which the robot needs to use for account activation.

STEP 4:  INSTALL Killa Gorilla FX Master

  1. Run the .zip file that you just downloaded and extract the files to your computer.  You may need to temporarily disable any anti-virus software you have running during installation.

  2. Once extracted, run the setup (.exe) file. 

  3. The "Killa Gorilla FX Master EA setup" window will appear.  Click Next.

  4. In the Registration page, please enter your correct name and email address otherwise we may not know who you are.  Click Verify.

  5. This screen shows all the existing Metatrader MT4 installations on your PC.  Select which installations you wish to install Killa Gorilla FX Master EA to.  Click Next.

  6. Click Next again.

  7. Then click Finish to complete the installation.

  8. The EA has now been installed to your selected Metatrader MT4 installation(s).  The setup package has also installed a number of EA settings files to the \MQL4\Presets folder if you wish to use them. More about this is explained in the User Manual.

  9. Now check that the MT4 installation was successful.  Open your Metatrader MT4 application (the one that you installed Killa Gorilla into).

  10. Go to the Navigator panel on the left.

  11. Inside the Expert Advisors folder, you should see the "Killa-Gorilla_FXMaster" EA there.  This confirms that the EA has installed to your MT4 platform successfully.

  12. Don't apply the EA to any charts at this stage.  You will do this later.

STEP 5:  FIND your Real/Demo Account Numbers

Account numbers are issued by your broker when you open demo and real accounts with them.

You can find your Account Number in the Navigator pane on the left side within your MT4 terminal - just like the one highlighted below:​

STEP 6:  REGISTER your Real/Demo Account Numbers with us

Use the form below to send us the MT4 account number of your real/demo accounts to register them in the system.  You'll receive an email when your MT4 account has been activated.

You can then start using Killa Gorilla FX Master immediately.

NOTE:  It's essential that you send us your real/demo account numbers, otherwise the robot will not work!  Before you begin trading on a live account, we recommend you practice on a demo account first to ensure that you are comfortable with your settings and profits.







































  • First you will need to open a trading account with one of our Recommended Brokers before sending us your account number/s.
  • You can open a demo, real or both types and enter them below.
Which of the Recommended Brokers below did you open an account with?
Is this the first time you've opened an account with this broker?
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