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Killa Gorilla - EUR/USD & Cent Accounts

EUR/USD & Cent Accounts

Wednesday, 19 February, 2020


In this update:

  • EUR/USD Volatility

  • $25,000 to $100,000 in 12 months !

  • Update on our Cent Account Petition with IC Markets


EUR/USD Volatility

We saw some high volatility in the EUR/USD over the last 24 hours, due to predicted volatility from news coming out of Great Britain - click here for details.

As you can see in green box in the chart above, the EUR/USD had a 500 pt drop in the period of about 3 hours, then retraced almost the same distance back upwards again shortly after.

Killa Gorilla FX Master took advantage of this movement and those of you who were trading with the default settings should have picked up a nice healthy profit from that.  You may have noticed the Trend Protection safety feature kicked in for about 10 minutes (default) during this fall - this prevents the EA from opening any new orders for a period of time while volatility is being experienced.

Although Killa Gorilla can handle most volatile price movements, as well as having some safety features like Trend and Spike Protection in place, we still recommend that you monitor economic news forecasts so that you can choose to switch off Killa Gorilla during volatile periods, if you wish.  Healthy account balances will usually withstand the large drawdowns sometimes experienced during volatile periods however, running with smaller account balances under $5,000 can pose a greater risk for margin calls, so please be careful!

Here's some of our recommended Economic News Calendars.

$25,000 to $100,000 in 12 months !

We started a $25,000 demo account on Feb 14, 2019.Exactly 1 year later, on Feb 14, 2020 around 2am, our account hit $100,000 !!!

It is currently sitting at $100,770.  That is more than 300% growth in 12 months.  There are no special tricks, it's not running on 'special' servers - it is simply a Raw Spread (traditionally ECN) IC Markets account using 500:1 leverage.  You would have had the same results if you used the same account type and settings that we used.

Check out the account on MyFXBook.

Disclaimer: we were running the account with 5 baskets (5 longs and 5 shorts), instead of the default, 1 basket (1 long and 1 short).  So, essentially it has made approximately 5 times more profit than if it were trading with 1 basket.

Theoretically, if you had started the account with $25,000 12 months ago using the default settings, it would have made around $15,000 profit, and would be sitting at around $40,000 now, which is approximately 60% growth in 12 months.

Alternatively, you could have started with $15,000 and made the same profit as Killa Gorilla does not trade lot sizes based on your account size, so the profit would have been exactly the same.  In this case, it would have made 100% profit in 12 months.

It's also worth noting that the Drawdown depicted on the MyFXBook chart is showing 100%, but this is not accurate, otherwise the account would have obviously blown!

What would we do differently?

With time comes experience, and in hindsight, the only thing we would have changed is using 1 basket instead of 5 baskets.  So, even though the demo account remained healthy and had no margin calls, we realise that a good rule of thumb is to have a safe trading balance of $10,000 per 1 basket.

We are extremely impressed with Killa Gorilla FX Master and the default settings that we have formulated!

Update on our Cent Account Petition with IC Markets

As most of you are aware, we have been rallying hard to IC Markets, requesting that they start offering Raw Spread Cent Accounts to all their new and existing clients.

We have communicated with upper management, but despite our efforts, IC Markets has not seen it to be a viable proposition to start offering this.  A very big Thank You to all of you who signed the petition.

So, this has now driven us to look for honest brokers that offer Cent Accounts AND which Killa Gorilla performs well on.  We are in the process of doing this and we hope to have some good news for you in the very near future, so stay tuned!


Have you activated your account yet?

If you have downloaded Killa Gorilla FX Master to your PC, but have not yet registered your MT4 account number, then we can't activate the robot for you. Click on the link below and scroll down to Step 6 to register your MT4 account....

As always......

Killa Gorilla FX Master is totally FREE to use on Demo and Real Accounts, but for real accounts, you must open a real money trading account with IC Markets - this is how we are able to offer it to you totally free of charge forever!

Remember - we will NEVER ask for your Paypal, credit card, or any other payment details.  We never charge you a cent.... ever!

Where can you get an MT4 Expert Advisor with this performance anywhere on the net for free??

If you haven't already downloaded Killa Gorilla FX Master, what are you waiting for?....

Get Started Today!

James Cross

Killa Gorilla FX Team

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