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Thursday, 5 December, 2019

Incredible Feedback

We have had an enormous amount of positive feedback from traders who have downloaded a demo of Killa Gorilla FX Master. Many have gone on to open real trading accounts and have reported the same success as they did in their demo accounts.

Some traders have doubled and tripled their account balances by simply sticking to the default settings.

30-Day Trial on MT4 Demo Accounts

We understand that some people prefer to test robots with their own broker, which is totally fine, so we offer Killa Gorilla FX Master with a 30-day FREE trial on ANY MT4 demo account with ANY broker of your choice. We will happily extend the 30-day trial period - just contact us!

However, because we have spent many hours testing our robot with many brokers, time and time again, IC Markets has come out on top across the board, for performance, profit, ease of use, real trading conditions, but most of all.... honesty. We have been dealing with IC Markets ourselves closely for more than 5 years, and we highly recommend them!

If you do want to use your own broker, we suggest also setting up a trial on a demo account with IC Markets so you can test both brokers simultaneously. Try running 2 instances of MT4 platforms on your PC side by side - one with IC Markets and the other with your broker.

Start by Downloading Killa Gorilla FX Master here: