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Killa Gorilla - Sign Petition for New IC Markets Cent Accounts

Sign Petition for New Raw Spread Cent Accounts

Thursday, 16 January, 2020

Urge IC Markets to offer Raw Spread Cent Accounts

We have just created an online petition so that we can put pressure on IC Markets (one of the best brokers in the universe) to offer all of their customers "Raw Spread Cent Accounts".

If you don't know what a cent account is...

"Cent accounts are trading accounts within retail Forex trading with balances measured in cents instead of US dollars.  Trading accounts dealing in cents are handled the same way as any US dollar account with the only difference being the nominal amounts.  The technology of cent accounts was initially intended for developing and testing trading systems by working with real money, but this has opened the door to allow more traders to trade with only a fraction of the intended amount, but still in real money and using a real trading environment, rather than a demo environment.

Retail brokers say that cent accounts can be useful to Forex beginners since they allow trading with real money without risking too much.  Cent account balance is indicated in cents, which helps beginners get accustomed to seeing sums of many thousands on their accounts."

One of the main requirements of trading with Killa Gorilla FX Master is the need for a large starting account balance (we recommend a minimum of $10,000).

We understand that not everyone has this sort of money to put towards Forex trading, so imagine needing to deposit only $100 instead of $10,000!

The way it works is like this...

A cent account means that instead of depositing $10,000, you deposit 10,000 cents (which is $100), but the robot thinks it is trading with $10,000. MT4 appears to be trading with $10,000, but you know in your mind that it's actually 10,000 cents. So for example, if the robot closes a trade and makes a profit of $175, it's actually $1.75.

This would be a fantastic solution for Killa Gorilla traders because it would now allow you to deposit a much smaller amount to get started, instead of the minimum $10,000 deposit required.  It will also allow Killa Gorilla to perform at its optimum, with a lot less chance for margin calls (as with smaller amounts). Another example is, if you deposited $2,000 to trade with, MT4 and Killa Gorilla will think it's actually trading with $200,000.

If the possibility of a Cent Account interests you, then I urge you to sign this petition now, telling IC Markets that you want them to offer "Raw Spread Cent Accounts". But, they must be Raw Spread, which means commission-based lowest possible spread accounts, otherwise Killa Gorilla will not be as profitable as if it used a Standard Account.

The more signatures we get, the better chance we have for IC Markets to offer Raw Spread Cent Accounts to all of us!

Sign this petition now!

Click the link below to sign the petition:

Have you activated your account yet?

If you have downloaded Killa Gorilla FX Master to your PC, but have not yet registered your MT4 account number, then we can't activate the robot for you. Click on the link below and scroll down to Step 6 to register your MT4 account....

As always......

Killa Gorilla FX Master is totally FREE to use on Demo and Real Accounts, but for real accounts, you must open a real money trading account with IC Markets - this is how we are able to offer it to you totally free of charge forever!

Remember - we will NEVER ask for your Paypal, credit card, or any other payment details.  We never charge you a cent.... ever!

Where can you get an MT4 Expert Advisor with this performance anywhere on the net for free??

If you haven't already downloaded Killa Gorilla FX Master, what are you waiting for?....

Get Started Today!

James Cross

Killa Gorilla FX Team

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