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Killa Gorilla & IC Markets

Current Performance

Killa Gorilla FX Master is continuing to perform with consistent and strong growth.

Our account has now gained 175% in about 6 months, currently sitting at just over $69,000 from a $25,000 starting deposit in February 2019.

We are using the EA's default settings, except we are trading with 5 baskets both ways instead of the default 1 basket both ways.

IC Markets is now our ONLY Recommended Broker

To maintain the high quality of service that Killa Gorilla FX Master deserves, and to give you the best possible chance for success, we have decided to keep IC Markets on board as our only recommended broker.

Making this decision will allow us to provide a more focused level of service to you and more confidence in knowing that your trading success will be aligned with our own trading results.

What this means to you...

If you are currently trading on a real account with a broker that is not IC Markets, you may continue to trade with Killa Gorilla until 31 August, 2019. If you wish to continue using Killa Gorilla on a real account after this date, you will need to open a real account with IC Markets, using the below link: