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NEW Killa Gorilla Robot Coming Soon

We have been working hard on a new MT4 FX robot, similar to our flagship product Killa Gorilla FX Master, but quite different at the same time. It is called Killa Gorilla FX Super Scalper.

The main difference is:

  • FX Master - the Take Profit level varies at each level and the Lot Size is fixed

  • FX Super Scalper - the Take Profit level is fixed at each level and the Lot Size varies

We have been achieving some very good results with this new robot, but as with all robots, they need to be thoroughly tested in different conditions, on different pairs, and with different settings, which is very time consuming.

We hope to be releasing FX Super Scalper in April/May.

Stay tuned for further updates!

The Killa Gorilla FX Team

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