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Killa Gorilla FX Robot in Pepperstone Trading Contest

We entered the Pepperstone Demo Trading Contest on March 15, 2017, to test out our robot against other traders who do both manual and automated trading.

Normally, we would only ever recommend running 1 chart (1 EA) on an account at any one time, but because the aim of this contest was to have as much account equity after 30 days, we thought we'd have a bit of fun, and push our robot hard!

So we ran 7 EA instances on the one account:

  • 3 charts with our main product: Killa Gorilla FX Master robot

  • 4 charts with our new, unreleased Killa Gorilla FX Super Scalper robot

Our account was disqualified after 7 days into the contest as our maximum drawdown reached 41% (max. allowable was 30%), but we have continued running our EA systems in the contest anyway, to see how we come up after 30 days.

Even though we have been disqualified, just based on our account equity alone, if we were still in the running, we would be ranked 11th out of 1,557 contestants.... not too bad!

Our demo account has made over 100% profit in just 5 days of trading - starting with $10,000 to now $20,218 !

Follow our current progress here!

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